Have a question that you can’t find the answer for on our website? Below are a list of the commonly asked questions we get at Skirmish Wycombe Airsoft. Everything from the times we run games, to the FPS of the airsoft guns.

However, there might be a question that isn’t answered here or one that has been missed off. If that is the case, then all you have to do is get in touch with us and we’ll answer your question and place it on here.

What is airsoft?

Airsoft is a sport that was developed by the Japanese in the late eighties to replace the popular sport of paintball, which had long been criticised for a lack of realism, high cost of the associated equipment (especially ammunition). Airsoft proposed an answer to all of these concerns: Airsoft replica weapons are legally described as ‘toys’ and have been manufactured to closely resemble their real counterparts, both in size and weight, with most of them working on both single shot and fully automatic using a simple piston driven by a battery powered electric motor. Due to the forces required to fire the size of a paintball, bruising is hence a common side effect from the impact. Airsoft BB’s are only 0.20G in weight and therefore the force required to fire them is considerably less, hence the effects of impact are negligible (an Airsoft BB will not break human skin even at close range).

How many players do I need for a private game?

For a private game at Skirmish Airsoft you will need a minimum of 16 players.

What time do the games run?

Our site opens at 8:30am, safety briefing at 9:45am, lunch at 1:00pm and games will finish around 4:00pm

Is food & drink available?

Yes, you can purchase hot and cold snacks on site throughout your day with us from our onsite Crossfire Cafe, your Walk OnRental full day package includes lunch.

What happens if the weather is bad?

Because all our weapons are weather proof and we have undercover seating areas, then we just carry on as normal. If there is torrential rain then we might pause a game until it passes.

Is alcohol allowed on site?

No. We do not allow any alcohol to be brought onto the site. Booze and gun’s do not mix.

Can I bring my own BB’s?

If you’re bringing your own equipment then yes, you can bring your own BB’s. However, if you’re renting equipment from us, then only BB’s bought at our site can be used so we can maintain the quality of bb’s put through our rentals equipment.

Whats the minimum age to play at Skirmish Airsoft?

The minimum age to play Airsoft at Skirmish is 11 years old and in year 7 of secondary school.

What is the FPS site limit?

The site FPS limit for all Weapons capable of full auto firing is set at 350 FPS. DMR Rifles that have been locked to semi-automatic can fire up to 450 FPS. The limit for any bolt-action weapon and sniper rifles is set at 500 FPS. All of the above is measured using an .2g BB.

What shall I do if I want to buy my own gun?

You must become a registered member first. To become a ukara member you must play 3 times at a registered site in a period of no less than two months. Each visit your membership application form will be stamped. Once your form is complete with 3 stamps, you will acquire your ukara number. Once confirmed you’re a member you can buy a weapon from an approved supplier.

Do you sell pyrotechnics?

Smoke bombs, Thunderflashes and Frag Grenades can be purchased on the day for £6 each. Minimum age is to purchase and set off pyrotechnics is 18. This means parents cannot purchase them for someone to use under the age of 18.

Do you sell equipment on site?

Yes we do, please visit our dedicated retail website www.titanforgeairsoft.com orders can be selected as click & collect or posted out.