Find out everything you need to know about our airsoft rental equipment.

If you’re looking to rent all your gear from Skirmish Wycombe Airsoft, then have a look around our action man below to find out exactly what you’ll get. We provide you with your overall, gun and goggles to ensure you have everything you’ll need to have an all out and action packed day with us.

All you have to do is hover over the dots to find out more information about all the gear that we rent out.

Full Face Goggles

Protection is paramount here at Skirmish, and we ensure you always have a safe but enjoyable day with us. With our fantastic full face goggles, you have no need to worry about protection whilst your ducking between the undergrowth and dispatching your foe.

The G36

Introducing the world-class G36. This robust and lightweight AEG is brand new to Skirmish and means you will get a new gun to use on your day out with us.

Feature List:
Mag capacity of 420 shot Thats 120 more than most AEGs
Full sized and fully folding stock
Semi and full automatic options
Robust design
Long life lithium battery which will last the day

The Magazine

When out in the battlefield it is always essential to ensure you have enough shots in your mag to survive.
With the G36, you have no worry about that.
Holding a massive 420 shot, this magazine has a huge capacity and can be easily swapped over to reload your G36.

Clean and fresh overalls

All of our overalls are freshly laundered on a weekly basis which means you will be stepping into clean, camo overalls every-time you play.