At the CrossFire Cafe, we’ve got you covered for all your food and refreshment needs during your game day. Our onsite cafe is here to ensure that you stay energized and fueled up throughout your airsoft adventure.

Step into our welcoming cafe and discover a delicious range of hot and cold food options that will satisfy your hunger. From hearty meals to quick bites, our menu offers a variety of choices to suit every taste. Indulge in mouthwatering burgers, sandwiches, wraps, and more, all freshly prepared with quality ingredients to keep you going strong on the battlefield.

Thirsty? Quench your thirst with our selection of refreshing cold drinks, including sodas, juices, and iced beverages. Need a caffeine boost? We have you covered with our freshly brewed hot beverages, including coffee and tea, to keep you alert and focused.

Our friendly staff are dedicated to providing you with excellent service, ensuring that you have a seamless and enjoyable dining experience. Whether you’re taking a break between games or recharging for your next mission, the CrossFire Cafe is the perfect place to relax, refuel, and recharge.

So, when you’re ready to refuel with tasty food and refreshing drinks, look no further than the CrossFire Cafe. We’ll be here to satisfy your cravings and provide you with the sustenance you need to conquer the field.

Cafe Menu

Enjoy a variety of delicious hot & cold food options and refreshing drinks at our onsite cafe during your game day.